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Hi there! My name is Mirtha and I’m a Florida living, Outdoor adventure seeker, Coffee Drinker (before it was cool to do on Instagram), soon to be mom of 3! I am that crazy person who has a million and one DIY pins on Pinterest and I will seriously try just about everything I pin. I love art in every shape and form like music, dance, architecture, writing etc. My favorites are writing, photography and fashion. My family is my number one inspiration and motivation in all that I do. My hope for this blog is to inspire through my favorite forms of art. Although I love to speak on mommy hood and all the struggles it brings along ; I also love to share all those great captures of my sweet girls because they’re the fuel that keeps me going.
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To the Sleepy and Overwhelmed Mom

    There's this quote online that says " I was the perfect mom, before I had kids"  and it is soooo true! I always ...


Dear Alani Emily

Leap of Faith For 7 years we thought we wouldn't have another baby.  Being young parents was hard for your daddy and me.  We wer...

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